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eople-to-people〓 exchanges betwee○n

China and Ja○pan, the two people■s are the ■real protagonist〓s, and the local ■areas are broad s◆tages while the

Wang ●sai

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yo〓uth are the hope fo●r the future.

The tw■o sides should work ●together to ush〓er in a new er●a of exchanges betwe○en peoples, locali●ties and yout●h.More tha■

d. Presi■

ibutions to● the

bright future o●f bilatera〓l relations.Me〓anwhile, p■eople-to-pe■ople and cul○tu

ral exchan●ges between○ the two countrie○s have become more○ colorful wi
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all ■walks of life o●f the two c●ountries attended t●he reception, inclu○ding former Japanes■e Prime Minis●ter Yasuo Fuk■uda, Japanese F●oreign Minister ●Toshimitsu M■otegi, Educ■ation Minis〓ter Koichi?/p> th incr●e

asing exchanges

of ●books, films and TV ●programs, said Wang.■ As Tokyo and Bei●jing will host the O〓lympic Games● next year
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